Gritty New ikigai (Pooja B) Release Out on Berlin Based Fabrik Musik

Berlin-based Fabrik Musik's latest various artist compilation landed January 14, 2020 and features the EQ Way co-founder Pooja B, whose work with the EQ Way has been features previously on FEMWAV here. Pooja delivers delivers another gritty gem, true to her hard and industrial leanings, along with collaborator and Fabrik Musik boss Lost Algorithm.

The compilation exclusively features femme artists, translating to 10 artists collaborating with Lost Algorithm in a similar fashion. Each track displays great complexity of sound within hard-hitting techno sounds. Here's what Pooja had to say about the compilation:
"There's an idea in the industry that women tend to play or make harder and faster stuff to be taken seriously. I think we do it because we have experienced oppression in some form or the other and music we make or play is an expression of having no boundaries for ourselves and our audience, and it comes with empathy because we know when to hold back and when to let go. These are ofc mere opinions and this is my point of view on things. This compilation has some fiercely talented women unleashing their emotions into these 10 tracks."
Pooja points out a long-since recognised issue of the 'male glance', a corollary of the male gaze, which refers to our long history of analyzing art and aesthetics on a gendered curve. It's the male glance that dictates that all comedies about women be deemed chick flicks, and conversely efforts into more 'serious' sub-genres be considered an attempt at masculinization. Pooja for one has not let this dictate her choices.
"Being someone who likes to push the limits of people on the dancefloor just a little bit more each time, I am always wondering from the other side of the console or while making a new track, 'will my audience learn to let go and embrace this' as my sound climbs up the harder and faster gradient. This track is probably the grungiest one I have made so far, and it happened very quickly during a time where I had a lot of self-doubt. Somehow working on this was my escape to shut out the voice in my head and just be. It was immensely satisfying finishing this project."
Please play for an instant dive into this labour of love

Written by Uvika Wahi