Girls and Gigs

Girls and Gigs - G.A.N.G in short, is radical intervention and implementation - FEMWAV is calling out to artists, organizers, venue owners and the audience. Why? In order to create safe and equitable spaces for women. Better ecosystems and experiences for the music scene in India. In formation as of now, FEMWAV is grateful for the support and assistance, provided by female artists, lawyers and mentors across India.

360-degrees in approach, the policy covers venues, artists and audience to address harassment, stalking and sexual violence that women face at clubs, concerts and festivals. Within G.A.N.G are various types of interventions, security measures, rights, responsibilities, what-to-do type of action and an introduction to the endemic size of the problem. Lawyer Raveena Sethia (Cambridge Trust and Pratibha Award Scholar) provides certain legally valid steps of making sure your venue is a safe place for all. G.A.N.G is public access, step by step interventions, leading to the objective.

Fact - In India, less than 10% of music venues, outdoor festivals and nightclubs have interim safety policies to safeguard women and transgender. Less than 24% of the above spaces have female security present during events.

Introduction - Why is it vital to combat the existing problem across the spectrum.
Making the transition - Building safe and equitable spaces for women.
Gig safety and you: A checklist for action!
Policies for venues, artists and the audience. A much better music scene!


Making the transition

 Gig safety and you: A checklist for action! 


Policies for venues, artists and the audience.



Thank you for visiting and taking the time to recognize our effort.Together we can make safe and equitable spaces for women. "Crack down on any culture of unacceptable sexual harassment". Leading to a better and diverse music scene in India! FEMWAV extends further support to implement this safety charter, for venues, artists, organizers and individuals. Get in touch with us and our local representative will assist you to set up and implement G.A.N.G, within your ecosystem and establishment. Remember that all this information and interventions are public access!