1. Surbhi Mittal
Tsurbhi is a DJ, writer, activist and emerging composer/producer. She lives her life on the thin border between art and commerce, often wondering where she wants to end up. After spending decades trying to figure this out she has given up on planning the future and finds gratification in the present, doing what matters the most to her in the moment. Youth culture, learning synthesis, writing and female empowerment forms her current repertoire. At FEMWAV, Surbhi has contributed to content building, better representation and social media.  Profile
2. Emmanuelle de Decker
Emmanuelle has been part of the Indian and pan-french music industry for over 20 years. She has a background as artistic director / music curator + project manager for dozens artists and cultural institutions in Paris, Tangier, Dublin, Seoul, Kolkata & Mumbai. She founded Gatecrash in 2012 with the aim to develop music exchanges between India and the rest of the world. Her entrepreneur skills helped tremendously in the formation of FEMWAV in 2019. As a music curator she promotes the jazz and indie scene, and as a socially motivated professional, several empowerment programs for slum girls in Mumbai. Profile

3. Ritu VK
Ritu VK is a Dancer, DJ, and psychologist. She began her involvement in performing arts as the first b-girl in Bangalore, making a prominent mark in the hip hop community, along with her dance group - Black Ice Crew. Even though hip hop is her first love, she has taken a strong liking contemporary genres such as Afro and Dancehall. As a creator she has built short-films and podcasts for FEMWAV, featuring an array of DJs, singers and producers from India. Her projection as an artist is big on new media and the internet, and it's impact on arts and music community. Profile

4. Uvika Wahi
Uvika is a writer, aficionado of electronic music, graphic designer and active blogger. A strong  and popular voice on social media, she has been at the helm of women's safety and empowerment in the Indian electronic music scene for years now. From New Delhi, now living in Portugal, Uvika came up with the title "FEMWAV" in 2019. Her networking and content, initially helped FEMWAV acquire attention and following on social media. Profile
5. Roopkiran Sangha
Since completing his MBA, in marketing, Roopkiran Sangha has been passionate about increasing the reach of folk music. Sangha has helped build several N.G.Os and rural folk artists, in northern India. As a professional he feels that all sections of society should represent the music of India. He is currently pursuing his PhD in development and marketing. Part time he offers voluntary help to NGOs based in Punjab and Delhi. His role in FEMWAV involved finding and interviewing new artists and providing policy ideas. Profile

6. Audio Pervert (Samrat B)
Based in Valencia Spain, Samrat B is a producer, curator, DJ and writer. Born in New Delhi India,  his sound design, beats and production feature in dozens of bollywood blockbusters. As a musician, producer and curator he has worked with several emerging independent music from India and around the world. The Audio Pervert Blog pledged "equal inclusion of female content" in 2018. For FEMWAV, he works at website management, editing stories and creating the visual aesthetic. Profile
FEMWAV is incredibly grateful to the diverse group of peoples, who have provided insight, ideas, data, resources and have worked on policy, content, stories, interventions and live events. Check our About Page to know about our horizontal framework and advocacy.