Left to Right!

Uvika Wahi
Every single day Uvika Wahi has an argument about race, gender, intersectional matters and politics. She is also unrelenting in her writing, listening, digging and research. She writes about electronic music, feminism, mental health and develops content strategy for communities that align with these themes. She is also greatly opposed to writing about herself in third person and so this introduction will remain brief. Click Profile

Emmanuelle de Decker
Emmanuelle has been part of the music industry for over 20 years and worked as an artistic director / music curator for festivals and venues, and as a project manager for artists and cultural institutions in Paris, Tangier, Dublin, Seoul, Kolkata & Mumbai. She founded Gatecrash in 2012 with the aim to develop music exchanges between India and the rest of the world. The agency is based in Mumbai, and curates festivals & venues, sets up tours for international bands in India, promotes the jazz scene and develops social initiatives. Click Profile

Arundahti Manakkad
Arundahti Manakkad is a visual artist, illustrator, design consultant, now emerging as a budding musician based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. For the past decade she has worked with various agencies and institutions in the field of visual and graphic design. The past three years, she has taken on a do-it-yourself route into music, pushing her creative desires into sound and synthesis. As an artist she feels compelled to venture into new fields, currently heading into music production, synthesis and composition while maintaining her professional focus on visual design. Click Profile

Audio Pervert (Samrat B)
Based in Valencia Spain, Samrat B is a producer, curator, DJ and writer. He is connected with global indie music, fulfilling various roles for almost 18 years. Born in New Delhi India, Samrat spent his 20's and 30's creating music with bands, collectives, singers, DJs, for TV and Bollywood. His sound design, beats and production feature in more than two dozen bollywood blockbusters. Currently involved in various projects connecting India and Indian talent with emerging scenes internationally. Live Music, Empowerment, education and cross-culture being the focus of his current repertoire. Click Profile

Roopkiran Sangha
Since completing his MBA, in marketing, Roopkiran Sangha has been passionate about increasing the reach of folk music. He has used his many years of corporate experience to work with N.G.O and Artists in promoting the more traditional forms of music by increasing it's social presence. He is currently pursuing his PhD in marketing and aims to use his research skills to understand the influence of music on young minds. Click Profile

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