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FEMWAV make space please mix 005: Zequenx

We made it to number FIVE! For the uninitiated, make space please is an exclusive monthly series of mixtapes created by women and NB artists in or from India for FEMWAV. You can find the previous mixes in the series here - already there is something for divergent moods. The mood for edition five is: sticky, sweaty dissolution. Number five comes by way of Zainab Wani, playing as Zequenx, who blends acid techno, electro, EBM, and industrial techno for a romp into psychedelia.

Clamorous and raw, Zainab's mix is a ready insight into her instinct for finding order within various styles, finding common ground on the basis of ear rather than classification. This method is hugely evocative of techno royalty Helena Hauff, who not unlike Zainab also began DJing in her twenties and similarly approached DJing with more feeling less context.

Been keeping busy, Zainab recently played live for Red Light Radio at Far Out Left in Mumbai, and released her first single 'Terry's Trips' o…

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