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FEMWAV make space please mix 001: crylighter

FEMWAV wishes to spotlight trans/cis women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people giving shape to or finding shape from the Indian electronic music scene. These are producers, DJs, agents, engineers, visual artists, tastemakers, artists managers and other cultural stakeholders that give the scene its life-force, through movements visible or invisible. Every month, we invite them to create a mix for us to transmit their hopes, desires, anger, discontent; their pick off the spectrum of human emotions.

The first mix in the series is by crylighter, an emerging artist from Delhi who recently open for Ilian Tape's Andrea in the capital, and much, much before then displayed the keenest ear for devastating, propulsive, and fun underground selections. In 001 of our 'make some space' mix, she superstructs a terrain that invites listeners to bear witness to "sweet fearful intimacy with themselves", only to "reward them with some sprinkled prettiness" for t…

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