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FEMWAV make space please Mix 003: Fadescha

FEMWAV wishes to spotlight trans/cis women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people giving shape to or finding shape from the Indian electronic music scene. These are producers, DJs, agents, engineers, visual artists, tastemakers, artists managers and other cultural stakeholders that give the scene its life-force, through movements visible or invisible. Every month, we invite them to create a mix for us to transmit their hopes, desires, anger, discontent; their pick off the spectrum of human emotions.

Number 3 in our monthly running series of exclusive mixes is by artist and activist Fadescha, who's been touring, promoting, and DJ'ing all year while queering the Delhi nightlife as best as she can by co-creating safe and inclusive spaces.

In early 2019, Fadescha engaged with the nightlight and music scene in Beijing via "The Nightlife Residency II" organized by i:projectspace and The Neighbourhood in collaboration with China Residencies, Zhao Dai and M Woods. Du…

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