FEMWAV (FKA Fembot5) is an international initiative, driven to create empowerment models and foster increased representation for female and non-binary talent in India. The website is a 'sisterhood' showcasing artist narratives, interviews, music and mixes by emerging female and NB voices of India. Made possible through growing solidarity of contributors from around the world, FEMWAV is committed to three basic goals. One, to showcase music and sounds by female and NB talent in India. Two, bring sustainable empowerment models to a bigger segment of the female population in India. Three, build annual events and networking spaces for female and NB talent to participate and collaborate. As Fembot converted into FEMWAV in 2019, the small yet devoted team has presented the state of women’s involvement in the Indian music scene and is busy creating opportunities and resources for female and NB talent from India.

2020 FEMWAV is set to launch multiple empowerment projects aimed solely at Indian female and NB talent. Stay tuned!

Previously known as Fembot5.
Fembot5 was launched by an anonymous writer and activist from India. Since February 2017, this blog has grown into an international effort creating awareness about empowerment of female talent in India. The initiative has steadily transformed and advanced given the increasing readership, feedback, social media follow. Made possible with the growing solidarity of contributors from India, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France and Finland. Fembot5 initiative aims is to set up a ‘Sisterhood of Musicians’ in India by 2020. It’s time “Women set the parameters”.

“Women Hold Half The Sky” Old Zen saying...


What we achieved so far... 

FEMBOT5 - India's first collective field study into gender inequality in the music and culture industry.

FEMWAV.COM - A 'sisterhood' showcasing female and NB talent, narratives, along-with their music and mixes from India.

SYNTHFARM - Empowerment Program for Women in Electronic Music. 2020 marks the 3rd year.

RESEARCH, ADVOCACYSOLIDARITY & ACTION - Connect the indian gender debate and dialogue with current international prospects and achievements.