Rushaki - She Speaks

 “Whats up…Hello hello guys! .. how are you?! Excuse me…” followed by clunky piano doodle and it abruptly ends with a “yuck!”. Next song, sets off with choral voices “you belong to a new world… ”. Next, a smooth backbeat with electric piano and bass runs along the voice “easy one time … always walking away from your own”. The songs begin to reveal a rich sonic spectrum and the singer’s “neuro-divergence”. The transgression and transformation audible within the music and the lyrics.
We are listening to She Speaks by Rushaki Ghosh. Her debut album is loaded, with 11 songs, placing the voice and the narratives at the heart of the music. The album has been produced by Rushaki and Bharg Kale. Written by Rushaki  and mixed by Bharg Kale. The music oscillating between post-Hip Hop, Sampling, snappy trappy electronica and shades of lo-fi and R & B. Dark and mellow, trippy and groovy, introspective narratives running through the tunes, Lots of questions about life and wanton emotions at play! And yes it’s all indie from start to finish…

Tell us about the new album please?
Rushaki : She Speaks is about my experience with anxiety, doubt and neuro-divergence. It is about my growth, from being a sheltered teenager to a self-sufficient adult. She Speaks is about evolution. I believe there are many faces and personas we hold within ourselves. These ‘voices’ are constantly in contrast, debating and fighting for power over our actions. Sonically, I believe this album is an accurate amalgamation of all the music I’ve heard and been inspired by, growing up. Armed with my ideas and a versatile trustworthy co-producer like Bharg, She Speaks turned into what I wanted it to be.

A short bio
As a music producer and singer-songwriter, Rushaki like many new artists, is dwelling into multiple genres and aesthetics. Music she has heard while growing up. As a part of Pune-based indie-rock band, Coffee For Giraffes, she has performed at festivals and venues in Pune, Mumbai and Pondicherry. A self-proclaimed “misfit”, having worked in the music industry for a few years, Rushaki’s new direction is of “peculiar thoughts and introspective self-conversations through her music”. Like we hear on the 'Breathe Again’ - “If I could tell you all my secrets…”. She believes writing and poetry along with an experimental mindset for sound, is what she wants to “put forth as an artist”. With She Speaks, released June this year, we expect a lot more dark enchanting tunes from Rushaki in the near future...

Rushaki on Instagram is 'stray_daug'

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