Homespun selector crylighter will be opening for Ilian Tape's Andrea in the capital

Delhi's relationship with women is awful, and one of the many ways this reveals itself is in how the capital treats its female partygoers. Venues and promoters alike fall over themselves to attract their attention given that their presence is extremely desirable at events. However, no effort at all is put into fostering connection with those that exhibit greater interest in what goes into the making of the scene. Many of these attendees are shut out or put off by the constant gatekeeping exercised by scene stakeholders. This is by no means the only cause of concern in this context, and we will later delve into the numerous practices that afflict electronic music culture in Delhi and elsewhere. To our immense pleasure, however, ever so rarely someone slips through.

Ramya Patnaik is finally breaking through, and as crylighter she is bringing all the distilled riches with her. This development has been slow, although her remarkable progress is anything but, perhaps as she already was in possession of a mature selection sensibility it commonly takes DJs time to cultivate. She already put in that time.

On July 6, 2019 she opens for Munich-based and Turin-raised producer Andrea of the Ilian Tape imprint and promises to set the scene for his IDM/Warehouse techno framing of sound good and proper at this next MediumRare jaunt. Click here to RSVP.

Listen to ICU Tape 001 by crylighter with Redrum for a preview:

Written by Uvika Wahi