FEMWAV wishes to spotlight trans/cis women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people giving shape to or finding shape from the Indian electronic music scene. These are producers, DJs, agents, engineers, visual artists, tastemakers, artists managers and other cultural stakeholders that give the scene its life-force, through movements visible or invisible. Every month, we invite them to create a mix for us to transmit their hopes, desires, anger, discontent; their pick off the spectrum of human emotions.

Mix number two comes by way of Wild City resident Shireen Jawed, who DJs simply as Shireen, has been keeping busy. Recently, she has supported the likes of Cashu, Hammer, SPFDJ in Wild City's ongoing Various Artists series. One of the most promising young talents on the scene, Shireen nevertheless lays down a mix that displays a sense of old-school club nostalgia through a smattering of finely-aged experimental, emotional dance tunes - in contrast to her usual club MO that typically blends techno and breaks with elegance.

For FEMWAV she taps into escapist harmonies, slowing things down with an unfiltered spirit for remembrance, jumping back into the past from dBridge to Baths and to Chromatics, then forward again and back again.
"This mix is all tracks under 110 bpm, something that I don't get to explore very much when I play clubs, so wanted to do it as a fun challenge for myself. Also was able to fit in quite a few songs that grew I up listening to, but was never able to dj, so it's special that way :)"
Catch Shireen opening for Tasha tomorrow, Sep 21 at Auro Kitchen & Bar, Delhi.

Written by Uvika Wahi